/ o.le.ˈaɾ /

verb (Spanish)

1.  the making of waves
     move, forming waves as in the sea

2.  to anoint

3.  to flutter


Olear is an olfactory studio creating botanical scents and aromatic experiences in response to memory, place, and affective possibilities. 


Dedicated to sharing our appreciation for the healing potential of plants, Olear formulates small-batch and hand-blended botanical scents using organic, wild-harvested, and sustainable plant material.  We aim to make the act of scenting and smelling ourselves and our spaces, intimate, ritualistic, and introspective– more of a whisper than a shout.


Our name was chosen to honor the importance of the moon’s influence on the changing of tides and emotions. Our scents support individuals in taking a moment, to recognize and embrace change.


All Olear products are free of synthetic chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, additives, and stabilizers.


For inquiries, custom scents, or collaborations, email us at info@olear-scents.com


Founded by Tatiana Godoy Betancur and based in Brooklyn, NY.