In the Absence of Language:
Exploring Scent Intuitively

Saturday, October 27 - 12PM–2PM


Sliding Scale, $25-$55

Each of us has a certain conditioning regarding smell that leads us to categorize aromas, but often the categorizing occurs not from the aroma, but from the language chosen to describe it. Although the language of smell is limited, it automatically forms associations for us, making us navigate the world of olfaction through language that is rarely our own. 

How can we experience aromas more intimately, more wholly, with our own feelings, memories, and language? How can we seek information and tap into our memories and emotions to come up with a scent that is personal and to which we assign our own description and purpose?

For Chroma’s Grounding series, we will facilitate an experimental workshop to connect with botanical scents in the absence of pre-existing language and based on each participant’s memories and feelings. Encouraging an intuitive approach, participants will explore and meditate on various botanical extractions and form their own words for them. After reflecting on their writings, participants will blend a personal scent informed by their smelling experience. 

In collaboration with Chroma.