Our formulations use high-quality essential oils, enfleurages, absolutes, carrier oils, and high-proof alcohol. We source organic, wild-harvested, and sustainable plant material from around the world, and work with vendors who are committed to sourcing botanicals ethically and respectfully.  All Olear products are free of synthetic chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, color additives, and stabilizers.

There will be subtle changes in our scents from batch to batch. Variations in color and slight differences in aroma occur due to nature being unpredictable, and our decision in avoiding synthetics and additives. The growing conditions of the plants, such as the climate and soil, as well as the way the plant material is harvested and extracted, have an effect on the color and aromatic molecules of the final extraction. We encourage you to embrace these changes as part of the experience of our products.


how to use

Olear scents are to be used dermally––on wrists, neck, chest, earlobes, temples, pulse points, lunares. They can be applied to the soles of the feet, on the belly, down the spine, anywhere it feels right (just nowhere internally). For a meditative moment, apply the scents on the palms and take deep breaths while gently cupping them around the nose. 

How long our scents last on the skin depends on the product and the wearer's own chemistry. Generally, botanical scents are subtle and at most last a few hours. Our scents are to be experienced by the wearer and those in their close proximity. We value ritual, introspection, and intimacy through the use of our products, so we encourage taking a moment and re-applying as desired.

Product and ingredient safety

We formulate our products thoughtfully, safely, and with care. We test products on ourselves and on other human volunteers before we release them to the public. Our ingredients and dilution rates are regarded safe for external/dermal application, and we abstain from using ingredients that are known to be concentrated irritants and sensitizers. We recommend performing a patch-test on the inside of the elbow and wrist, prior to applying to other areas of the body. 


storage and shelf life

To ensure integrity of each product, please store in a cool dry place and away from direct light. Handle the products with care when near fabric, as some ingredients can stain clothes.

Our scents are their best during the first year of opening. After this time, some of the aromatic molecules might evaporate and oxidize, changing the integrity of the scent, the potency of its therapeutic properties, and the way it reacts dermally. If you have product left after a year of opening, perform a patch-test.