chakras sample kit

chakras sample kit


lam / muladhara / root
base of spine
survival, grounding energy, stability
myrrh, palo santo, vetiver

vam / svadhisthana / sacral
lower abdomen
relationships, creativity, sexual energy
black pepper, cardamom, labdanum

ram / manipura / solar plexus
upper abdomen
confidence, willpower, self-esteem
bergamot, ginger, nagarmotha

yam / anahata / heart
acceptance, forgiveness, unconditional love
blue chamomile, peru balsam, pink pepper

ham / vishuddha / throat  
communication, self-expression, creativity
coriander, juniper, niaouli

sham / ajna / third eye
middle of forehead
intuition, awareness, imagination
carrot seed, black spruce, rosemary

om / sahasrara / crown
top of head
consciousness, selflessness, detachment
cypress, frankincense, roman chamomile

~1ml vials

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inspired by the seven energy houses of the body, these oil-based scents are made to stimulate and support the chakras

each scent is named after the sonic vibration associated with its corresponding chakra, and formulated to honor the energetic properties and colors of its botanical ingredients

apply on pulse points, earlobes, and areas of the body associated with each chakra

for a meditative moment, you may apply each scent on the palms of your hands and take deep breaths while gently cupping them around your nose

ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, essential oil synergy